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How to Colour Your Home Vastu Style - BrahmatellsStore

How to Colour Your Home Vastu Style

Vastu is the most ancient science of architecture and is known for its logically reasoned suggestions and directions. It believes that the colours that God has put into our lives through nature have a significant impact on our energies and the harmonious balance in our lives. Vastu in our daily lives can be controlled through judicious and intelligent use of these colours around us so as to optimize the positivity and conducive energies in our environment.

Why Apply Vastu at Home

A home is a place that you spend the maximum amount of time at, and it is also where most of your life takes place. Stimulating different emotions in each room according to the energies that pour out from them is a good measure to make sure you are at peace at the place that you belong – Your home.

Psychologists strongly believe that the colours that we surround ourselves with have a deep impact on our moods, depending on the amount of time we spend in rooms which are painted with them.

Colour Your Home According to Vastu

Vastu designates different colours to the directions of your home. This can be put down in a conclusive list which goes as follows:

The North East should be coloured in light yellow shades, whereas the East should be coloured in white shades. The South East is associated with firey tones and orange, pink and silvery hues suit it best. The North of the home is best attuned to the colour green and its various spectrum shades, whereas the North West is best painted in white, light grey or cream. The West should always be painted in white and light blue shades as it is the direction of ‘Varuna’ or the water deity. For the South West, peach and brown shades should be used for best results.

The South facing area of the home can be coloured in reds and yellows.


Besides these general directions to painting your home, one must also particularly pay attention to the different colours which have been designated to each area of your home according to its functionality in Vastu. Here is a compact list to refer to for the same:

1. Master Bedrooms

Master bedrooms should be painted in blue hues and usually should be in the South West of the home.

2. Guest Bedrooms and Living Rooms

These rooms should preferably be painted in white and cream hues.

3. Children’s Rooms

Children’s rooms should be painted in light hues as well, especially when the child is at a studious age and requires high concentration. This should be in the North West of the home.

4. Kitchens

The kitchens should ideally be in the South East and should be painted in reds or orange tones.

5. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are where a lot of time is spent and so should be painted in light shades of white for the clean and pristine appearance.

6. Corridors and Hallways

Painting corridors should be done in yellow hues.

7. Exterior Painting

The exterior of the home should be painted according to the Vastu of your zodiac and in light shades.

Shades to Avoid

Colours which are high in intensity such as reds, deep yellows, black and grey shades should be avoided from use in homes. This is because the intensity of these colours may disrupt the patterns of positive energy we are trying to harbour in the home. Follow this quick guide to Vastu colours, and see the difference for yourself!

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