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Vastu Shastra for Creativity

The very existence of Vastu Shastra has been debated over ages. The unexplained fix between science and superstition has created a bridge between people who believe in Vastu Shastra and people who don’t. However, irrespective of opinions that change over the tides of time, Vastu Shastra is very much existent and can be proven with scientific theories. Life is all about the balance between the positive and the negative energies.

To explain this, let’s take a day-to-day example, your life is going on a steady routine and you are finding absolute of peace of mind with it. Suddenly due to an uncalled disruption, this routine is interrupted. This is the sudden nature of the emergence of negative energy in our lives. Vastu Shastra aims to eliminate these sudden, uncalled disruptions in our lives and helps to keep up with the optimistic and positivity vibes that are going on currently.

Speaking of Vastu Shastra, the most amazing part of it is that you can add creativity to it. Generally, creativity is something that is solved by all and no matter what we welcome it with new approaches and possibilities. 

How Vastu Shastra can be put to Creativity?

 To enhance the aura around you with Vastu Shastra, creativity can be leveraged in unimaginable ways. The positive space that it creates drives a specific activity to do better. When you bring the infusion of Vastu Shastra and creativity together, it aids you in stimulating neural networks in the brain, thereby significantly reducing the stress and negative emotions.

Once you know the ways to hover the positive energies around you, you will observe a change empowering you. To understand the concerto of Vastu Shastra and how creativity is added to it, let’s take another common example. For some days, you prefer to listen to soft music while on other days you prefer to listen to rock music, depending on your changing moods and preferences.

Likewise, the manifestation of creativity in Vastu Shastra concludes of both the tunes and that is why it is so ideal and comforting in nature. Here are a few ways, you can induce creativity through Vastu:

  • You may consider dressing in your favourable coloured clothes; this not only uplifts your confidence and persona but also boosts positivity around you.
  • According to scientific logic applied in Vastu Shastra, every person has 4 favourable and 4 unfavourable directions for specific things that they perform. While doing any action in a day, facing the favourable direction that suits you, will give you the desired results for that respective activity. This action activates your chakras and enhances your creative potentials.
  • Do not look or preserve shrivelled flowers. It spreads negative energy and decreases the mood levels thereby critically disrupting your flow of creativity.
  • Keep rock salt in all the corners of the house. This will not only take away negativity but also detoxify the air.
  • Keeping an aquarium or any water body in the house in its favourable direction; This will increase positivity in the house.

To infuse more creativity through Vastu Shastra, know your favourable directions, colours and numbers and see how magically it boosts up your creativity level to the heights.

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