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When will we get relief from corona - BrahmatellsStore

When will we get relief from corona

I think the corona virus will decline very rapidly after April 15. Because Saturn will enter Aries after April 15th.

Due to Saturn’s presence in Capricorn, the impact of this epidemic is increasing continuously. Rahu and Saturn are considered to be the factors of virus in Indian astrology.
Due to these outbreaks the corona epidemic has spread.

Currently Rahu is transiting in high zodiac Gemini. The virus is spreading through the air and the cause of oxygen is lunar. The moon is in its own sign, which has little effect,
But when Jupiter will transit in his low zodiac Capricorn on March 30,2020, its effect can increase.
Capricorn is the sign of the earth element whose owner is Saturn. Due to hostile behavior from Mars, it will also affect the Earth. According to astrological calculations, the effect of corona will begin to subside by April and is likely to end only after the middle of the year.

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