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Orthoceras Pendant (Kuber Stone)

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Orthoceras thought to possess physical healing powers and are considered to increase the life span of a wearing individual by reducing toxins, stress and anxiety. Healers use Orthoceras fossils to enhance telepathy and stimulate the mind.
Energized Orthoceras pendants (Size approx 3-4 inch) - One of the very powerful crystal for abundance *(Also known as Kuber stone)* , protection and grounding used for 
# Protection from negativity 
# Increase in intuitive powers 
# Helpful for tarot card readers and fortune tellers as it increases connection
# increases your healing power 
# Calms your negative thoughts and fears
# Attracts abundance luck 
# Attracts new opportunities in life
# Helps in business luck and growth and career growth if weared with full faith.
# Protects you from negative psychic attacks, black magic etc 

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