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21 Mukhi Rudraksh Nepal


Twenty one mukhi Rudraksha is ruled by the custodian of wealth Lord Kuber. He is the Lord of
Yakshas and a devotee of Lord Shiva. He is also known as Dhanapati (Lord of Riches). Kubera
is the trustee of all wealth and food grains and blesses the wearer of 21 mukhi with immense
prosperity and fulfillment of pleasures and materialistic desires. Even if a poor person wears it,
he becomes rich. There is never lack of anything in the wearer's life.
It brings immense prosperity and good luck.
It brings Oneness in the wearer's life with support from the world.
The wearer of this bead is blessed with name, fame and abundance.

It helps accumulate sustainable wealth.
It brings pleasures and fulfillment of materialistic desires of the wearer.
It makes body healthy and free from diseases.