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3 Pieces Feng Shui wealth combo : Money Frog Chinese Knot Lucky Coins Feng Shui Brass Wu Lou with Coins Keychain for Longevity Travel Safely Wealth Success and Good Luck with 1 Blessing Card and 1 Red Blessing Bag

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  •  1 piece of Chinese knot lucky coins, 1 piece of Feng Shui brass Wu Lou with coins keychain, 1 piece of Feng Shui money frog, 1 piece of blessing card and 1 red gift blessing bag
  • Widely applicable: you can hang these good luck amulets on your door, room, office, home or car; They are not only nice party favors for the Chinese New Year, but also practical and nice gifts for yourself, families and friends, suitable for adding happy festival atmosphere
  • Feng Shui money frog: a frog sits on traditional Chinese coins with 2 strings of coins on its back and a brass coin in its mouth, which symbolizes that wealth and treasures will be plentiful
  • Wu Lou with coins: a Wu Lou which also goes by the name of a calabash, gourd or giver of life, which is traditionally applied to symbolize driving away bad luck
  • Chinese knot lucky coins: Chinese coins with the square hole in the center have been applied in Feng Shui to represent lucky amulet for a very long time; The Chinese knot is often applied to express good wishes