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Astro Consultation with Kejal S Vora


Astrologer Biography :
I would Like to give a short description about myself. I Kejal S. Vora am a ?Gemologist ? Astrologer ? Vaastu Consultant ? Graphologist ? Reiki Grand Master ? Karuna Reiki Master ? Numerologist ? Aura Scanner ? Palmists ? Face Reader ? Meditator (for Money / Spirituality / Mind Energy / Dowsing) ? Skin Treatment Expert (for Face Treatment / Colour Therapy) ? Hypnotist ? Psychic Surgery Expert ? Dietician I started my Career far back in 2007 started with Reiki and Aura Scanning later as I gained Experience my level got Upgraded to Reiki Grand Master and Gradually My Interest towards this Field Increased as A Result I did many other Courses and Activities due to which Today can I Advise, Counsel and Heal with Integrity and absolute Confidentiality. Provide solutions to various problems such as Relationship, Finance, Health, Career, Education & many other issues by Aura scanning, Professional Counselling, Healing Sessions, Kundli Reading, Mantras for Chanting, Karma Remedies, Crystal and Gem Therapy, Candle Magic, Obesity (weight loss management), Mudra Therapy, Dowsing, Diet plans & many other ways. Thank you.

Kejal S Vora
(12 Years of Experience)
Language : English, Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Kutchhi
Expertise : Vedic, Reiki Grand Master, Vastu, Gemologist, Numerologist, Medical Astrology, Aura & Chakra Healer

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