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Learn Lenormand Cards


A very unique cards to provide detailed answers. With the help of this course you will be able to build a relationship with your cards and can read for anyone.

Course Details

🕉 Finding your way around Lenormand

🕉 Introducing the Significator

🕉 Learning the Lenormand Alphabets

🕉 Numbering the pips

🕉 Details about 36 cards

🕉 Word order in Lenormand pairs 

🕉Triplets in order

🕉The court cards as significators

🕉Topic Cards


🕉Prediction and the scope of the cards

🕉Mute Cards 

🕉 Near and far method

🕉 Timing 

🕉Appearances and Descriptions 

🕉 Lenormand Spreads

🕉 Power of Nine

🕉 Knighting and Mirroring

🕉 Introducing the Houses

🕉 Complementary opposites

🕉Grand Tableau