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Astro Consultation with Purnima Gupta (Purohit Astrology)


Astrologer Biography :
Myself Purnima Gupta an astrologer and a tarot card reader. Astrology was always my hobby since childhood and I never ever dreamt in my life that I will chose this as a profession. But yes this feels like a stress buster and not work. I believe in doing things and making them work as nothing can beat the power of a growth mindset. Astrology is my Brain child with an intention to give people the correct guidance and to actually break the stereotype image of an astrologers in India. I want more and more people to believe in this field. Plus also people doesn’t have to do or spend a a lot of money on the remedies. Remedies can be performed free of cost also. Which can work for you as well. Purohit will spread all that in the world and help people to bring back the lost smiles and positivity in their lives. The gist of the astrology is to give individuals glimpses of the upcoming future events and guide them to make their life better. The Astrology is an age-old and sacred science invented by the sagacious Rishis and Munis for the betterment of the life of masses by solving their problems related to different walks of life. There are only a handful of astrologers in the world who have mastered the art of peeping into the future. Among them, one such shining name is Astrologer Purnima Gupta. She is one of the most distinguished astrologers in India who can provide guidance and solutions to all of your problems by studying the horoscope and Tarot card reading. Purnima Gupta makes pin-point accurate predictions by using her uncanny ability to read the correct planetary positions and provide the highly effectual remedies. Astrologer Purnima Gupta has a towering experience in Kundli astrology and Tarot card reading. Her fame is not only fettered up to India, she is equally popular at the International platform also. She has done an extensive amount of research and experiments in the Astrology and developed many methods which are proven, time-tested and help you to attain the desired goals without much of a hitch. Astrologer Purnima Gupta fame as a tarot card reader has surpassed both national and international boundaries. Not only the common individuals, but also many prominent celebrities, business tycoons, and politicians take her astrology services to make vital decisions in their life. She is honored by the Jyotish Ratna and 5 other illustrious awards by the prominent personalities in India. Moreover, she has also done PHD in Astrology from a highly acknowledged American university. As an astrologer, she can assist you well in planning your career, life, business-related decisions and various other things. Astrologer Purnima Gupta has also been contributing frequently to the newspapers and magazines for their astrology column. She can prepare in-depth researched and accurate horoscope with painstaking analysis of the planetary positions and their impact on different walks of your upcoming life. She can give answers to your any question. Soon she will start her own Tarot classes named PA Institute of Spiritual science where anyone can enroll who is curious about learning the art of Tarot cards reading. Hire the services of one of the best astrologers in India and get the astounding predictions of your life. ” Once I had a bad time in my life. My mother went to a lot of astrologers who were greedy about the money. At that time I thought to become an astrologers just to provide clear guidance to the needy.”

Purnima Gupta (Purohit Astrology)
(11 Years of Experience)
Language : Hindi, English
Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card Reader