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Tarot Card Course


Have you always wanted to learn how to read the Tarot Cards? Why not try our online classes?

A beautiful way to connect with your inner power and your spiritual gifts. 

Become a Certified Tarot Reader.

We offer Tarot Course which will help you to become a Professional Tarot Reader. With the help of our course you will be able to build a relationship with your cards & can read for anyone. 

Full Tarot  Course 

👉🏻Introduction of Tarot.

👉🏻Connecting with the Cards.

👉🏻Structure of Tarot- Major and Minor Arcana.

👉🏻The Major Arcana-life's journey Interpretation of all the cards. 

👉🏻Elements associated with cards.

👉🏻Numerology associated with cards.

👉🏻Finding time period.

 👉🏻Detailed knowledge about pictures associated with the cards. 

👉🏻Tarot Spreads.

👉🏻Meditation & Remedies. 

👉🏻Finding Personal Years. 

👉🏻Chakras associated with cards.

👉🏻Creating your own tarot spreads.

👉🏻 Art of Storytelling.

👉🏻 Practice of Cards.