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Cherry Red Coral Round Bracelet - Mars Harmony Accessory | Brahmatells

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₹6,100.00 - ₹82,900.00
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Title: "Astrological Harmony Red Bracelet | Brahmatells"

Description: Elevate your astrological alignment with Brahmatells' Astrological Harmony Red Bracelet. This elegantly designed accessory is inspired by the vibrant energy of Mars, offering a unique blend of style and cosmic resonance.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Design: Crafted with attention to detail, this bracelet features vibrant red beads that symbolize strength and vitality.
  • Mars Inspired: Designed for those looking to enhance the positive influences of Mars in their astrological chart.
  • Harmonious Material: Paired with elements that amplify the bracelet's energetic properties.
  • Wearing Protocol: To maximize its astrological benefits, it is suggested to wear this bracelet following a simple cleansing ritual.
  • Optimal Activation Day: Tuesday is the recommended day to begin wearing this bracelet, aligning with Mars' day for enhanced energy.
  • Noticeable Impact: Experience the bracelet's supportive energy with consistent wear.


  • Astrological Balance: Helps harmonize Mars' influence in your horoscope, promoting a balanced astrological profile.
  • Energetic Alignment: Aims to synchronize your energy with the broader cosmic vibrations for improved well-being.
  • Quick Support: Designed for those seeking swift astrological assistance.
  • Spiritual Enhancement: Deepens your connection to the astrological importance of Mars.

Disclaimer: This bracelet is a spiritual tool intended to support your astrological journey. It is based on traditional Vedic astrology principles. Results may vary according to individual beliefs and astrological profiles.

Step into Cosmic Sophistication: Discover the blend of style and astrological insight with Brahmatells' Astrological Harmony Red Bracelet. Add this piece to your collection for a touch of elegance that resonates with your astrological path.

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