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Natural Handcrafted Semi Precious Gemstone Meru Shree Yantra (Shali Gram Shree Yantra)

Original price ₹3,100.00 - Original price ₹3,100.00
Original price ₹3,100.00
₹3,100.00 - ₹3,100.00
Current price ₹3,100.00
  • ✅These Sri Yantra Are Made with Natural Semi-Precious Gemstone as Rose Quartz, White Quartz, Blue Taramandal Agate, Green Aventurine, Green Quartz, Black Obsidian, Shaligram, Yellow Quartz & Amethyst
  • ✅Handcrafted Shree Yantra Used for Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Vastu Correction, Fengshui.
  • ✅【 BENEFITS OF MERU SRI YANTRA】- Sriyantra Crystal Shree Yantra is one of the most auspicious, important, and powerful yantras, which not only gives the maximum benefit but also proves beneficial for almost everybody. Shree Yantra blesses the worshiper with peace, happiness, popularity, power, authority, wealth, prosperity & success. especially for Lakshmi and Diwali puja
  • ✅【 Astrology Benefits】This Shree Yantra has been used for millennia by kings, princes, political leaders & men in authority for attaining fame, power, and financial success. It is considered to be beneficial to humankind especially during Kali-Yuga to help achieve success, well-being, good fortune, wealth, and fame.
  • ✅【 Mantra】: "Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Kamle Kamalalaye Praseed, Praseed, Shreem Hreem Shreem Om Mahalaxmaye Namah"