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Pearl Japa Mala for Moon Harmony | Brahmatells

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Embrace Lunar Serenity with Brahmatells' Pearl Japa Mala

Brahmatells presents the Pearl Japa Mala, a gemstone deeply connected with the Moon, offering a soothing aura and mental clarity. This mala is particularly beneficial for those experiencing the Moon's negative effects in their horoscope.

Key Features:

  • Astrological Association: Directly linked with the Moon (Chandra), offering a harmonious lunar influence.
  • Universal Compatibility: Mild nature, suitable for all zodiac signs without adverse effects.
  • Material: Crafted with authentic pearls and set in silver, enhancing the stone's natural properties.


  • Emotional Well-being: Provides peace of mind and emotional stability.
  • Health Improvement: Known to positively impact health and maternal bliss.
  • Clarity and Focus: Enhances mental clarity, aiding in decision-making and concentration.

FAQs about Pearl Gemstone:

  1. Ideal Metal: Recommended to be worn with silver for optimal benefits.
  2. Wearing Finger: Best worn on the little finger of the working hand.
  3. Optimal Day and Time: Monday morning is the most auspicious time for wearing.
  4. Cleaning Procedure: Clean with cow’s milk, water, or Ganga Jal for purity.
  5. Activation Mantra: Chant “Om Son Sonmay Namaha” (ॐ सों सोमाय नमः ।) 108 times before wearing.

Usage and Care:

  • Daily Wear: Can be worn daily for continuous benefits.
  • Spiritual Practices: Enhances Japa and meditation sessions.
  • Maintenance: Regular cleaning as per guidelines ensures lasting efficacy.

Please Note:

  • Spiritual Accessory: Intended for astrological and spiritual enhancement.
  • Non-Medical: This product is not intended for medical use and makes no health claims.

Why Choose Brahmatells?

  • Quality Assurance: Each mala is carefully crafted for authenticity and quality.
  • Customer Focus: Your spiritual and astrological well-being is our priority.
  • Secure Shopping: Enjoy a safe and seamless online shopping experience.

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