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chakra balancing aroma essential oil

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*How do Aromatherapy helps in balancing Chakras?*

Aromatherapy is deeply connected to chakra healing, and using the two in concert with each other can be enormously beneficial.

 Aromatherapy can be used to balance and harmonise chakras so that all the chakras are vibrating at their optimal level.

 Aromatherapy is an effective tool for healing and strengthening them.

 Essential oils can be used in baths, in massages and even in diffusers to help restore the balance and strengthen any weakness.

 Aroma therapy create harmony and balance between your mind, body and soul .

The pure natural essential oils blends are specially crafted to keep the chakras aligned for optimal health and well being.

• Massage a few drops of oil on your each chakra that is at the bottom to top of the head.
• Inhale it, visualize and repeat intention.
• Use the oil in a diffuser.
• Add a few drops in water before taking bath.
•Apply on both palm and left hand wrist .