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Energized Elephant

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Energized Elephants (Size 3 inch to 10inchapprox)- A very powerful and very effective Elephants for prosperity used for blessings in life and are primarily helpful for 

Elephants are sign of royalty in life and attract opportunities in your life*
 Financial abundance and prosperity in life
 Healing your stuck matters and stuck cases 
 Brings a lot of new opportunities
 Helpful in increasing your sales & profit in your business
Protects you from all dangers 
*Heals your obstacles and blockages* 
 Blesses you with all around success and luck 
Helpful in getting favors from Government related works 
Healing all your life issues and problems 

👉 As per vaastu and fengshui, elephant is a symbol of prosperity, wealth, good health and protection.
👉 It also helps in fertility.
👉 It helps in getting success and progress.
👉 It is said, by keeping elephant near the main door, it attracts Goddess Lakshmi. 
👉 By Placing it in east direction, one gets progress and success.