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18 Mukhi Rudraksha Java - Prosperity & Earth's Energy | Brahmatells

Original price ₹43,323.00 - Original price ₹150,000.00
Original price ₹43,323.00
₹30,000.00 - ₹181,000.00
Current price ₹30,000.00

Discover the exquisite 18 Mukhi Rudraksha Java Bead from Brahmatells, a masterpiece of natural beauty and traditional craftsmanship. Revered for its quality and significance, this bead is celebrated as a symbol of abundance and connection to the earth.

Key Features:

  • Rich Heritage: Each bead is a testament to the earth’s nurturing power, embodying the essence of Bhumi Devi in its intricate natural patterns.
  • Craftsmanship: Meticulously sourced and polished, set to inspire and enrich any collection.
  • Prosperity Symbol: Historically appreciated for its association with success in land and property endeavors.
  • Focus and Organization: Ideal for those seeking a symbol of stability and grounding in their professional and personal life.

Cultural Significance:

  • The 18 Mukhi Rudraksha is more than just a bead; it is a piece of cultural heritage that offers a tangible connection to ancient traditions and wisdom.

Usage and Care:

  • Care Tips: Maintain the natural beauty of your Rudraksha bead with simple, periodic care.
  • Wearing Guidelines: While traditionally worn in specific ways, we encourage wearing it in a manner that best suits your style and life.


  • This bead is sold as a cultural artifact, ideal for collectors and enthusiasts of traditional jewelry. The benefits associated with this bead are based on cultural beliefs and practices.

Embrace the timeless appeal and natural elegance of the 18 Mukhi Rudraksha Java Bead, a perfect addition to your collection that brings a piece of the earth's legacy to your doorstep.