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20 Mukhi Rudraksha Bead - Cosmic Wisdom of Lord Brahma | Brahmatells

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Original price ₹1,087,500.00
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Title: "20 Mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal - A Symbol of Universal Wisdom"

Description: Brahmatells introduces the 20 Mukhi Rudraksha from Nepal, a revered bead symbolizing the expansive wisdom and creativity of Lord Brahma. This bead is a spiritual emblem for individuals aspiring to deepen their understanding of the universe and unlock their creative potential.

Key Features:

  • Divine Essence: Embodies the energy and wisdom of Lord Brahma.
  • Astrological Harmony: Harmonizes with the Moon's influence, fostering emotional balance.
  • Spiritual Connection: Enhances one's spiritual journey and understanding of the cosmos.
  • Mental Clarity: Ideal for those engaged in meditation and intellectual pursuits.
  • Cultural Significance: Revered in various spiritual and cultural traditions.
  • Usage and Care:
    • Wearing Guidelines: Recommended to be energized following Vedic rituals.
    • Customization Options: Available in different forms for necklaces or bracelets.
    • Maintenance Advice: Simple care routine to maintain its spiritual essence.


  • Cultural and Spiritual Tool: Intended for spiritual enrichment and personal growth.
  • Tradition-Based: Rooted in cultural and traditional beliefs.
  • Individual Experience: Results may vary from person to person.

Why Choose Brahmatells?

  • Authenticity Guaranteed: Each bead is meticulously selected for its spiritual value.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: We prioritize your spiritual and cultural journey.
  • Safe and Secure Shopping: Experience a seamless and reliable online shopping process.
  • Connect with Us: Join our community on social media with #BrahmatellsWisdom.

Order Now: Enhance your spiritual collection with the 20 Mukhi Rudraksha from Brahmatells, a beacon of cosmic wisdom and creativity.