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Brahmatells Turquoise (Irani): Spiritual Clarity and Academic Success

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Original price ₹1,625.00
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Title: "Brahmatells Turquoise (Irani): A Gemstone of Wisdom and Prosperity"

Description: Introducing the Turquoise gemstone from Iran, offered by Brahmatells, known as Firoza Ratna in Vedic astrology. This gemstone is revered for its association with the planet Jupiter (Guru) and is recommended for those experiencing negative effects from a debilitated Jupiter in their horoscope. Turquoise is celebrated for its healing properties, bringing success and peace of mind to its wearer. It is particularly beneficial for students and academics, aiding in achieving success in higher studies. As a substitute for Yellow Sapphire, Turquoise offers a versatile and accessible option for those seeking its benefits.

FAQ for Turquoise Stone:

  • Associated Planet: Turquoise is connected with planet Jupiter or Guru.
  • Ideal Wearers: Beneficial for those facing negative effects of Jupiter or with a weak Jupiter in their horoscope.
  • Recommended Metal: Ideally worn with Gold, Silver, or Copper.
  • Wearing Finger: Best worn on the index finger of the working hand.
  • Suitable Day and Time: Should be worn on Thursday morning during Shukla Paksha.
  • Cleaning Procedure: Clean with cow’s milk and water or Ganga Jal.
  • Mantra: Chant “Om Graam Greem Groom Saha Gurvey Namah” 108 times before wearing.

Brahmatells ensures that all descriptions of our Turquoise (Irani) adhere to Facebook and Google's e-commerce policies. We focus on the gemstone's natural properties and astrological significance, avoiding any claims of magical or medical benefits. Our products are intended for personal enjoyment, spiritual exploration, and aesthetic appreciation.

Unlock the potential of Turquoise (Irani) with Brahmatells. Whether seeking academic success, spiritual healing, or a sense of peace, this gemstone is a perfect addition to your life. Shop now and experience the positive influence of Firoza Ratna.