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Finance Spell

Original price ₹11,000.00 - Original price ₹11,000.00
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₹11,000.00 - ₹11,000.00
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Though having a large sum of money land in your lap is always nice - it's even nicer to feel like there's a constant flow in your bank account for some stability and piece of mind. 

As stated above, this spell isn't for surprise checks in the mail or finding $100 on the ground - it's to stir up the flow in your finances, meaning a healthy flow of money coming in and out of your pocket. Usually, when money spells are on our minds, it's because we're a little stuck in that realm, and I get it! I've been there, we all have! That being said, having a lacking mindset, or feeling like we must clutch to every dollar we come across tends to do more harm than good. It's a difficult thing to release the fear of, but I promise, the universe is willing to answer if you just ask.