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Rose Quartz & Selenite Healing Mala Necklace - 108 Beads of Harmony | Brahmatells

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Original price ₹7,197.00
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"Rose Quartz & Selenite 108 Bead Necklace - A Mala for Heart and Crown Chakra Healing"


Brahmatells presents the "108 Bead Rose Quartz & Selenite Necklace," a mala necklace that embodies love, clarity, and spiritual awakening. This handcrafted piece is a sanctuary of peace for those dedicated to heart and crown chakra healing, offering a path to self-love and higher awareness.

Key Features:
  • Gemstone Harmony: Features natural Rose Quartz and Selenite beads, accented with Sterling Silver.
  • Bohemian Chic Design: A 28-inch adjustable necklace that radiates boho elegance.
  • Spiritual Essence: Crafted for meditation, chakra alignment, and spiritual exploration.
  • Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each bead is carefully selected and strung for a unique spiritual experience.
  • Emotional Healing: Rose Quartz fosters emotional healing, self-acceptance, and love.
  • Spiritual Clarity: Selenite enhances mental clarity and spiritual insight.
  • Energetic Alignment: Balances and aligns the heart and crown chakras for holistic well-being.
  • Tranquil Aura: Cultivates a peaceful and harmonious energy field.
Usage and Care:
  • Adaptable Style: Wearable as a necklace for daily spiritual connection or during meditation.
  • Energetic Maintenance: Guidelines for cleansing and recharging the mala's energy.
  • Customization Available: Offered in a standard 28-inch length, with personalization options.
  • Intended Use: Designed for spiritual growth and aesthetic enjoyment.
  • Cultural Beliefs: Benefits are rooted in traditional beliefs and practices.
  • Variability: Actual product specifications and outcomes may differ.