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Exciting Discounts🔥 Use Code BT15, BT20, BT30

11 Mukhi Hanuman Rudraksha

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11 mukhi nepal rudraksha in silver pendant with pure silver Hanuman pendant attached 

 एकादशमुखं त्वक्षं रुद्रैकादशदैवतम् |

तदिदं दैवतं प्राहुः सदा सौभाग्यवर्धनम् ||

 Taken from

Rudrakshajabalo upanishad 

Shloka - 39 

“The Eleven Face Rudraksha is Ekadasha Rudra himself (Shambhu, Pinaki, Girisha, Sthanu, Bharga, Sadashiva, Shiva, Hara, Sharva, Kapali, and Bhava). This form (of Rudraksha) of the Ekadasha Rudra always brings good luck and prosperity to the wearer. (As Lord Hanuman is considered to be Ekadasha Rudravatar of Lord Shiva this Rudraksha is also known as ‘Hanuman Rudraksha’).”

 As per the Padma Purana anyone who wears the 11 Mukhi is known to be abundantly blessed with all the virtues of Lord Hanuman. He would gain negotiation skills, self-confidence, intelligence, physical strength and a powerful mind.

 It is believed that this bead is very effective in aiding the process of decision making.

  It is also helpful for short tempered individuals for anger management.

 It improves man management and networking skills

 Energise crown chakra (sahasrara) chakra 

 This bead considerably re-energizes the entire immune system, muscles and nerves. It boosts energy levels and wards away off lethargy. Activity and energy replace laziness.