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3 Pcs Feng Shui combo, Bagua Mirror, Guardian Lion Biting A Sword, Ancient Coins with Chinese Knot Tassel, Lucky Charm for Gifts, Home Protection.

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  • Yin Yang Bagua Mirror: Bagua mirror is a powerful cure to protect against negative energy so as to create good fortune and harmony. In ancient China, people hung Bagua mirrors to protect a house or place of business from the negative energy. The Trigrams surrounding Yin Yang symbolize balance of elements (yin and yang), and represent cycles of energy, such as birth, life, death, which bring about changes in energy
  • Fu Foo Biting A Sword: Fu Foo, also called guardian lion, as one of the auspicious beast, is a symbol of success, prosperity, and guardianship. In Ming and Qing dynasty, soldiers would hang the fu foo shield on the wall and insert the sword between its teeth after training to ward off evil spirits
  • Ancient Coins with Chinese Knot Tassel: Ancient lucky coins symbolize an abundance of wealth and money. Chinese knot, also known as the mystic knot, is a symbol of happiness and often used in unison with other good luck symbols to hang various feng shui cures. Perfect for home, office and car decorations