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Exciting Discounts🔥 Use Code BT15, BT20, BT30


9 Mukhi Rudraksha Silver Pendant

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Current price ₹3,500.00


नववक्त्रं नवशक्त्यः

“नौ मुखी रुद्राक्ष नवशक्ति (यानी देवी दुर्गा) है |”

“The Nine Face Rudraksha is Goddess Durga herself.”

अधिष्ठात्री देवी / Presiding Deity : देवी दुर्गा / Goddess Durga

 संचालक ग्रह/Ruling Planet  केतु / Ketu

बीज मंत्र/SEED SYLLABLE -  ह्रीं हुं नमः /Om Hreem Hum Namah 

                                      जूं /Om Joom


नववक्त्रं तु रुद्राक्षं नवशक्त्यधि दैवतम् |

तस्य धारणमात्रेन प्रीयन्ते नवशक्त्यः ||

     रुद्राक्षजाबालोपनिषद्, श्लोक - 37.

"नौ मुखी रुद्राक्ष नवशक्ति (यानी देवी दुर्गा जिनकी नवशक्तियों के रूप में नौ रूप हैं) ही है और इसे धारण करने से नवशक्तियाँ प्रसन्न होती हैं |" 

“The Nine Face Rudraksha is form of the Nine Powers (Goddess Durga - who manifests herself as the Nine Goddesses) and the wearer of this Rudraksha pleases and is blessed by the Nine Powers of Goddess Durga.”



दुर्गावातदधिष्ठात्री नवरूपा महेश्वरी |

तं धार्येद्धामहस्ते रुद्राक्षं भक्ति तत्परः ||

    शिवमहापुराण, विद्येश्वर संहिता, अध्याय – 25, श्लोक - 74.

"नौ मुखी रुद्राक्ष की अधिष्ठात्री देवी दुर्गा महेश्वरी है जिनके अंतर्गत नव देवियाँ हैं | इस रुद्राक्ष को भक्ति भाव से व्यक्ति को बाएं हाथ में धारण करना चाहिए |"

“The Nine Face Rudraksha is presided over by Goddess Durga who lords over Nine Goddesses. This Rudraksha should be worn in the left hand by the faithful.” 

Benefits of Nine Face Rudraksha      

  • This Rudraksha gives relief from the ill-effects of the Planet Ketu and opens up the wearer to its positive energy.
  • It provides energy, dynamism and makes its wearer fearless.
  • It rids one of irrational fears and phobias.
  • It is excellent for career oriented and self-dependent women.
  • It is very good for occultists and astrologers.
  • It is known to be beneficial for the stomach, body pains and skin allergies.
  • It is supposed to increase devotion towards God, especially Goddess Durga and Kali, or any other Goddess from the Pauranic tradition or of the Dus Mahavidyas.
  • The wearing of a kantha (32+1 beads mala) of Nine Face Rudraksha during the Navaratri is considered especially auspicious.
  • It is beneficial in toning down the malefic effects of Kaal-Sarpa Dosha.