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Amethyst Kathaila Cushion for Spiritual Growth | Brahmatells

Original price ₹1,560.00 - Original price ₹11,640.00
Original price ₹1,560.00
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Embrace Spiritual Serenity with Brahmatells' Amethyst Kathaila Cushion

Introducing the Amethyst Kathaila Cushion from Brahmatells, a masterful blend of beauty and spiritual functionality, tailored for those on a journey of self-improvement and sobriety. Known as "Billaur" and linked to the stabilizing power of Saturn, this cushion is designed to facilitate profound meditation experiences and support those striving to overcome dependencies.

Key Features:

  • Spiritual Enhancer: Crafted to aid in meditation and spiritual awakening.
  • Sobriety Support: Offers support for those overcoming alcohol dependency, aligning with Amethyst’s traditional use as the stone of sobriety.
  • Saturn Influence: Slow, steady benefits that reflect the methodical energy of Saturn, enhancing discipline and focus.

Product Specifications:

  • Gemstone: Premium Amethyst Kathaila, celebrated for its clarity and spiritual properties.
  • Metal Composition: Set in a unique Panch Dhaatu Ring, blending five metals for comprehensive astrological benefits.
  • Usage Tips: Best worn on the middle finger, especially on Saturdays to honor Saturn’s influence.

Spiritual and Practical Benefits:

  • Deepened Meditation: Helps deepen your meditation, enhancing spiritual clarity and peace.
  • Personal Growth: Facilitates spiritual and emotional introspection, promoting a balanced lifestyle.
  • Habit Transformation: Assists in breaking negative habits, supporting personal development and sobriety.

Care Instructions:

  • Cleansing Ritual: Clean with a mixture of milk and water to purify the stone’s energy before wearing.
  • Activation Mantra: Chant dedicated Saturn mantras to fully harness the stone’s potential.

Compliance and Assurance: At Brahmatells, we commit to providing authentic spiritual tools, adhering to strict compliance standards to ensure our descriptions focus solely on the cultural and historical significance of our gemstones, without making medical claims.

Experience the Power of Saturn: Add the Amethyst Kathaila Cushion from Brahmatells to your collection and step into a world of enhanced spiritual awareness and discipline. Perfect for those seeking a deeper meditation practice and a clearer path to personal betterment.