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Astrological Report for Gemstone, Rudraksh & Crystals | Brahmatells

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Astrological Report Service Description | Brahmatells

Brahmatells introduces an Astrological Report Service, meticulously crafted to align individuals with their astrological influences. Utilizing an in-depth analysis of one's birth chart, our expert astrologers compile personalized reports recommending gemstones, Rudraksh, crystals, Yantras, and Feng Shui elements tailored to the individual's unique energies and life direction.

Service Methodology:

  1. Birth Chart Examination: Clients must provide their birth information for a detailed review of their astrological chart.
  2. Tailored Recommendations: The report includes specific suggestions on astrological elements that support personal and spiritual development.
  3. Report Delivery: Clients receive their detailed report within 24 hours of submitting their birth details.
  4. Report Details: The service offers an extensive report focusing on the astrological tools most beneficial for the client.

Intended Recipients:

  • Individuals seeking detailed information on suitable astrological items for personal enhancement.
  • Those curious about the effects of specific gemstones, Rudraksh, or crystals on their life paths.
  • Anyone looking to align their personal energies with cosmic dynamics for improved harmony.

Booking and Report Generation:

  • Clients are to send their Natal Details (Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth) via WhatsApp at 9354305257 following their booking.
  • A comprehensive astrological report will be prepared and delivered within 24 hours.


This report is provided as guidance based on age-old astrological traditions and is not meant to replace professional consultations in health, psychological, or financial domains. Individual experiences and results may vary.


With Brahmatells' Astrological Report Service, discover the astrological elements that resonate deeply with your personal journey, paving the way for a life of equilibrium and spiritual fulfillment.