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Bhumi Dosh-Nashak Yantra

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Shree Bhoomi Dosh Nashak Yantra is Vastu Dosh Yantra. This powerful Yantra features divine geometry of triangle with several mantras and divine images of Lord Vishnu and Bhumi Devi on sides. Bhumi Dosha is considered to have bad vibes due to the occurrence of some tragic events in that land or the presence of negative items deep in the plot. Also, when a plot has previously been a crematory ground, it is considered to have Bhoomi Dosha. Bhoomi Dosha causes fear, stress, disease, obstacles and unexpected losses in business. This Yantra helps remove all Bhumi Dosha of a home/ office/ place of business.

Yantras are made as per the standards mentioned in Vedic scriptures. This is more specifically to be used on an empty residential or commercial site before starting construction. Property, progeny, conveyance, and protection against vehicular actions can be achieved with this yantra.

Shree Bhoomi Dosh Nashak Yantra Benefits

  • Remove all the negative effects caused due to Bhoomi Dosha.
  • It protects from black magic and negative influences.
  • Brings harmony, happiness and peace.