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Brahmatells Navagraha Mantra Japa and Homa Rituals |

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₹15,500.00 - ₹111,000.00
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🌟 Overview

Harness the celestial energy of the nine planets with Brahmatells' exclusive Navagraha Mantra Japa and Homa rituals. Designed to mitigate negative planetary influences and strengthen the positive ones, our rituals are rooted in authentic Vedic astrology. Each service is meticulously planned according to your unique horoscope to maximize benefits.

🌌 Why You Should Buy

  • Spiritual Alignment: Achieve a harmonious balance among the celestial forces that govern your life.
  • Personalized Rituals: Each ceremony is tailored to your specific astrological needs to ensure the best outcomes.
  • Comprehensive Service: Includes Kalash Sthapana, Navagraha Yantra and Idols Pujan, along with chants and offerings to each of the nine planets.
  • Life Enhancing Benefits: From removing obstacles to enhancing health and prosperity, experience the profound impact on all areas of your life.

📦 Navagraha Puja Includes

  • Extensive Preparations: Gauri Ganesh and Shetrapal Pujan, Punyavachan, and more for a sacred setup.
  • Mantra Japa: Chants that resonate with powerful vibrations to pacify and empower the planets.
  • Ceremonial Rituals: Yagna, Aarti, and Pushpaanjali to honor and please the celestial bodies.
  • Prasad Kit: Receive a specially prepared Puja Tokri with energized Rudraksha, silver tabeez, and a 3” energized Navagraha yantra.

🎁 Benefits

  • Overcome Life's Hurdles: Minimize the hurdles caused by malefic planets.
  • Enhanced Well-being: Blesses you with health, harmony, and spiritual growth.
  • Success and Prosperity: Opens the path to success in your personal and professional life.
  • Spiritual Enlightenment: Aids in achieving a deeper spiritual connection and peace.

🚀 Make it Yours

Ready to transform your life with the power of the Navagraha? Order your personalized Navagraha Homa today!