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Huge Savings Unleashed! 🌟 Grab Up to 51% Off - Hurry, Limited Time Offer!


Brahmatells Red Coral Oval-Apple-Red: Mars-Aligned Gemstone for Strength

Original price ₹5,250.00 - Original price ₹82,100.00
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₹5,250.00 - ₹82,100.00
Current price ₹5,250.00

"Brahmatells Red Coral Oval-Apple-Red: Embrace Symbolic Strength & Style"

Step into a world of celestial beauty with the Brahmatells Red Coral Oval-Apple-Red – a gemstone celebrated for its vibrant hue and symbolic connections. Each Moonga Stone is carefully extracted from the historic coral beds of Egypt, selected for its striking apple-red color that captures the imagination.

Cultural Significance:
For centuries, Red Coral has been esteemed in various cultural astrological traditions for its association with Mars (Mangal), reflecting symbolic strength and vitality. Our collection presents these stones as emblematic ornaments, emphasizing their role in the lore of celestial influences.

Craftsmanship and Tradition:
Every oval-apple-red coral piece is crafted with precision, ensuring the gemstone’s natural splendor is showcased. Our commitment to tradition is reflected in the stone’s classic cut and polish, making it a timeless addition to any ensemble.

Product Insights:

  • Origin: The coral is sourced from the esteemed regions of Egypt, a testament to its premium quality.
  • Astrological Inspiration: While deeply rooted in astrological traditions, we present the Red Coral as a symbol of personal significance and style.
  • Wearing and Styling: This stone is perfect for pairing with precious metals like silver or gold, serving as an elegant accessory.
  • Cultural Customs: In line with historical customs, the stone is often favored to be worn on the ring finger, though it’s a beautiful adornment on any digit.
  • Care Instructions: We recommend a gentle cleansing routine, as is typical for fine jewelry, to maintain the gemstone’s luster.

Ethical Presentation:
Brahmatells respects the importance of ethical marketing. Our narrative stays clear of health or medical claims, focusing instead on the aesthetic and cultural symbolism of the Red Coral. Intended for adornment, personal expression, and the appreciation of natural beauty, our Red Coral Oval-Apple-Red is a testament to craftsmanship and style.

Style with Symbolism:
Adorn yourself with the Red Coral Oval-Apple-Red and carry with you a piece of astrological heritage. Whether as a fashion statement or a personal symbol, this gemstone from Brahmatells is a conversation starter, steeped in history and beauty.