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Angel Calming Bracelet with Snow Quartz, Amazonite & Aquamarine | Brahmatells

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Embrace Serenity with the Angel Calming Bracelet by Brahmatells

Dive into the tranquil depths of spirituality with our meticulously crafted Angel Calming Bracelet. This exquisite piece harmonizes the soothing energies of Snow Quartz, the balancing vibrations of Amazonite, and the protective aura of Aquamarine, creating an accessory that's not just beautiful but deeply meaningful.

Key Features:

  • Snow Quartz: Known for its purifying properties, Snow Quartz supports hormonal balance and offers a protective shield against environmental stressors.
  • Amazonite: This stunning turquoise-green stone harmonizes the mind and body, promoting emotional well-being and enhancing meditation practices.
  • Aquamarine: A symbol of youth and spiritual purity, Aquamarine calms the spirit, offering protection and facilitating deeper spiritual exploration.
  • Elegant and Adjustable Design: Crafted with 8mm beads and complemented by brass rondelles, this bracelet offers elegance alongside spiritual and emotional benefits.

Spiritual and Emotional Benefits:

  • Tranquility and Peace: Ideal for those seeking a calm mind and a harmonious emotional state.
  • Protection and Clarity: Shields the wearer from negative energies while enhancing clarity of thought and spiritual insight.
  • Enhanced Meditation: Supports deeper meditation and spiritual connection, aiding in the journey towards inner peace and enlightenment.

A Thoughtful Gift:

The Angel Calming Bracelet makes a perfect gift for loved ones seeking peace, balance, or a deeper spiritual connection. It's a testament to your care and wishes for their well-being and happiness.

Care Instructions:

To maintain the bracelet's energy and beauty, cleanse periodically in rock salt and recharge under the sun or moonlight. Each bracelet is pre-cleansed and charged, ready to bring peace and balance into your life.


Natural variations in gemstone colors and patterns enhance the unique beauty of each bracelet. This spiritual accessory is designed to complement personal well-being practices and is not intended as a substitute for medical or psychological treatment.

Embrace Your Path to Serenity:

Add the Angel Calming Bracelet to your spiritual toolkit today and step into a world where tranquility, protection, and spiritual growth reign supreme. With Brahmatells, unlock the potential for profound peace and spiritual awakening.