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Cat's Eye Bracelet with 7 Chakra Stones for Spiritual Protection | Brahmatells

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Cat's Eye Bracelet with 7 Chakra Stones: A Spiritual Armour | Brahmatells

Dive into the mystical world of astrological protection with our Cat's Eye Bracelet, intricately combined with 7 Chakra stones. This unique piece is not just a piece of jewelry but a powerful tool designed to bring balance, protection, and spiritual healing into your life.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Cat's Eye Stone: Known for its striking resemblance to the eye of a cat, this gemstone is celebrated for its protective qualities and its ability to ward off the negative influences of Ketu.
  • 7 Chakra Alignment: Each bracelet is adorned with stones representing the 7 Chakras, promoting harmony, energy balance, and spiritual well-being.
  • Spiritual Protection: Offers comprehensive protection against negative karma, the evil eye, and ancestral curses, fostering a safe and positive environment for the wearer.
  • Versatile and Meaningful: Suitable for businesspersons, individuals facing financial difficulties, and anyone seeking spiritual protection and balance.

Spiritual Benefits:

  • Karma Cleansing: Aids in the removal of negative karma from past lives, ensuring a path of spiritual and personal growth.
  • Evil Eye Protection: Shields the wearer from the malevolent intentions and negative energies of others.
  • Ancestral Healing: Helps resolve ancestral issues and curses, paving the way for blessings and positive energy.
  • Financial Stability: Particularly beneficial for those in debt or facing financial instability, promoting prosperity and abundance.

Embrace Your Path to Balance and Protection:

Each bracelet is carefully cleansed and charged, ready to offer its full spiritual benefits from the moment you wear it. It serves as a constant companion in your journey towards a balanced and protected life.

Care Instructions:

To maintain the bracelet's energy, periodically cleanse it in a bed of sea salt and recharge under the moonlight. This ritual helps rejuvenate its protective and balancing properties.


This bracelet is intended for spiritual support and should not replace professional advice. Variations in natural stones make each bracelet unique, enhancing its personal significance.

Unlock the protective and balancing powers of the Cat's Eye Bracelet with 7 Chakra Stones from Brahmatells. Shop now and step into a world of spiritual harmony and protection.