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Crystal Lotus Flower On Stand with Rotating Base Multi Colorful for Positive Energy and Good Luck Home

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Crystal Lotus flower is a revered sacred symbol in many Asian Cultures. It grows in the mud of ponds and flowers high above its roots, untouched by its muddy origins. Because of its ability to remain rooted in the mud of the earth and rise to perfect purity above, it is the Universal Symbol of the Flowering of Consciousness and Spiritual Attainment. Crystals have been known for centuries for their power to energize and have been used as a healing tool for 1000's of years. They are the ultimate symbol of the earth element. Crystals draw positive energy to your space. The lotus flower represents peace and purity and symbolizes, that whenever trouble comes up, no matter how dark the waters may get, you can rise above and let the beautiful flower inside your heart bloom. Surround yourself with these beautiful crystal lotus flowers, put them close to a window and they will reflect sunlight and peaceful energy in your environment.