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Exciting Discounts🔥 Use Code BT15, BT20, BT30


Energised Crystal Band for Overcome Anxiety

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₹375.00 - ₹375.00
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If stress and anxiety have plagued your life, this exquisite gemstone bracelet can help rid your mind of the stress and anxiety you feel. Made using authentic semi precious gemstones, this particular bracelet helps channel positive energy from your surroundings to your mind, body and soul to better your mental health.

NATURAL RELIEF OF ANXIETY, INSOMNIA, Stress, Hot Flashes, Tension Headaches, Panic Attacks, Palpitations, Wrist Pain, Fatigue, Emotional Instability and more using painless
Rose Quartz to bring healing, positive energy & self love. Amazonite to bring calm, relaxation & stress relief. Peridot to alleviate depression, soothe frayed nerves and help to relieve anxiety.