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Energized Howlite Bracelet


Howlite is a very powerful crystal to attract good luck, opportunities, releasing past pains , getting relief from stress and is used for following purposes :*

*# It is a crystal of awareness and spiritual wisdom helps in spiritual learning.*

*# It increases the healing power and attunement from the Higher Self and the Divine.*

*# It is also used for dimensional travel and healthy meditation. And it can also be used for astral travelling.*

*# Good for improving concentration of students*

*# Howlite can also be used to release attachments, or cords, linking old emotional pain, from this life or a past life, to the present. Once these attachments are severed, it allows for processing those emotions and bringing peace in those areas.*

*# Heals your stress,anxiety and worries*

*# Helps in connecting with higher self.*