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Feng Shui Crystal Lotus Figurine for Harmony & Prosperity | Brahmatells

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Original price ₹649.00
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Embrace Serenity and Prosperity with Brahmatells' Feng Shui Glass Lotus Figurine

Discover the elegance and purity of the Feng Shui Glass Lotus Figurine, a masterpiece designed to infuse your space with tranquility, love, and abundance. Crafted from premium glass to mimic the ethereal beauty of a lotus, this transparent figurine is not just an ornament but a beacon of positive energy and Feng Shui principles.

Key Features:

  • Material Excellence: Made from high-quality glass, offering a pristine and clear appearance that captures and reflects light beautifully.
  • Color and Clarity: The transparent design symbolizes purity, peace, and spiritual awakening.
  • Feng Shui Symbolism: Represents beauty, calmness, and the unfolding of spiritual wisdom, making it an ideal addition to living spaces and bedrooms.
  • Energy Attraction: Its crystal-like glass acts as a prism when placed near sunlight, attracting and dispersing positive energy throughout your environment.
  • Versatile Placement: Ideal for living rooms to foster harmonious relationships, bedrooms to enhance romantic love, and offices to attract wealth and prosperity.


  • Harmonious Relationships: Promotes peace, love, and understanding among family members.
  • Attracts Love and Beauty: A symbol of attraction and affection, perfect for couples seeking deeper connection.
  • Wealth and Prosperity: Known to attract financial abundance and opportunities.
  • Spiritual Growth: Aids in personal growth and spiritual enlightenment.

Care Instructions:

  • Handle with care to avoid chips or damage.
  • Clean gently with a soft, dry cloth to maintain its luster.
  • Place in areas that receive natural light to maximize its energy-dispersing properties.

Legal Disclaimer:

Colors and textures may vary slightly from photographs due to the unique nature of each piece. The effects mentioned are based on Feng Shui beliefs and personal experiences; results may vary. This product is intended for decorative and energy-enhancing purposes only and should not be used as a substitute for professional advice.

Transform your home into a sanctuary of peace and prosperity with Brahmatells' Feng Shui Glass Lotus Figurine. Add this timeless piece to your collection today and unlock the door to a world of beauty, balance, and abundance.