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Fertility & Harmony Gemstone Bracelet - Rhodochrosite & Aquamarine | Brahmatells

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Original price ₹4,169.00
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Introducing the Fertility & Harmony Gemstone Bracelet from Brahmatells, a delicate blend of Rhodochrosite and Aquamarine gemstones, designed to nurture your journey towards motherhood with grace and strength. This handmade bracelet combines the soothing energies of the sea with the heart-healing powers of love, creating a harmonious balance conducive to fertility and emotional well-being.

Key Features:

  • Aquamarine: Known as the stone of courage and protection, Aquamarine calms fears and phobias, promoting a sense of peace and clarity. Its connection to the sea and mermaids makes it a symbol of purity, joy, and eternal youth, aiding those who seek tranquility and meditation.

  • Rhodochrosite: This vibrant stone embodies the essence of compassion and selfless love, making it a beacon for those desiring to heal their hearts and embrace new beginnings. Rhodochrosite supports the female reproductive system, enhancing fertility and the possibility of new life.

  • Amethyst Accents: Enhancing intuition and spiritual protection, Amethyst accents work to purify the aura and stimulate the mind, aiding in emotional and physical balance.

Why Choose Our Bracelet?

Crafted with intention, our Fertility & Harmony Gemstone Bracelet is more than an accessory; it's a companion on your path to motherhood. Each bead is selected for its quality and energy, ensuring you receive a piece that resonates with your spirit and supports your body's natural rhythms.

Care & Activation:

Your bracelet arrives spiritually cleansed and activated, ready to wear. To maintain its energy, cleanse periodically in a bed of rock salt and recharge under the moonlight.


Natural variations in gemstones make each bracelet unique. This piece is intended to support and enhance your journey, complementing traditional health and wellness practices.

Embrace the journey to motherhood with the serene energy of the sea and the loving embrace of the earth. Let the Fertility & Harmony Gemstone Bracelet from Brahmatells be a symbol of your strength, resilience, and capacity for love.