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Gomti Chakra with Rudraksh Wish Tree

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Gomati Chakras act as protective amulets for anyone, especially children. They attract wealth and good health. Devotees consider Gomati Chakras as the divine eyes of Lord Shiva. Gomati chakras may be placed in puja altar, cash box, work desk, entrance, living room or North West portion of the dwelling.

It is believed that People Who Possess Gomati Chakra Tree will be BLESSED with MONEY, GOOD HEALTH and PROSPERITY. It is also believed that these Stones and Crystals to PROTECT CHILDREN.

Where is Gomti Chakra found?

Gomti Chakra is the operculum of a kind of rare sea snail in the family Turbinidae. ? One place these opercula are found is in the Gomti River, Dwarka, hence the name.

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