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K2 Jasper Bracelet

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*K2* Crystal is an extremely rare stone found at the peak next to the famous K2 peak in Pakistan, the world’s second highest mountain. K2 stone is so rare due to the fact that it has to be mined in harsh, snowy conditions at such a high elevation. It combines gray granite and orbs of bright blue azurite. The K2 granite holds the strength and stability aspect of this stone, while the azurite holds a celestial quality. Together, it creates the perfect synergy between our earthly experiences with our higher consciousness to connect us with the universe and heavens. Many of the K2 crystals also have green malachite inclusions on it, adding to its healing powers.

K2 Granite is the foundation of earth, but at the same time, it goes through changes, breaking down into clay and sand and over years transforming back into a granite formation. Its life cycle is a true testament to the beauty and power of Mother Nature.

The grounding and transformational elements of granite blend well with the qualities of Azurite. The combination allows us to look back to our earliest ancestral lineage memories, while at the same time sending us forward to unveiling our own enlightenment and universal truths. The healers in ancient civilizations in Atlantis, Greece, Egypt, Mayans and a Native Americans used Azurite to communicate with spirit guides and gain wisdom about the meaning and purpose of life on earth.

A K2 crystal awakens us to our intuitive or psychic abilities. It removes anything that may be preventing us from seeing our true purpose for this lifetime. These K2 blue crystals are effective for exploring past karma and lives and can be used during astral and meditative traveling.

Each K2 crystal is made up of grey and white granite and blue orbs of azurite. Upon first glance, it may appear as if the blue is drops of dye, however that is the natural formation of the stone! Even more interesting is that the dots are almost all perfect circles, adding to the uniqueness of this K2 stone.