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Kailash Dhan Raksha Yantra Pendant


Kailash dhan raksha is one of the most popular yantra for protection of money. This yantra has a very powerful capacity of keeping a shield around the family and whole house, negates any kind of diversity.

Shree Kailash Dhan Raksha Yantra is one of the most powerful yantras which is used for creation and protection of wealth & riches. There are Vedic & Tibetan sacred texts etched on this yantra. The centre of Shree Kailash Dhan Raksha Yantra holds the symbols with magical number 15 surrounded by the 12 animals of Chinese Zodiac followed by sacred symbols of Om, Shree, Maa Laxmi and Lord Shiva on the four corners.

Shree Kailash Dhan Raksha Yantra Benefits

  • Presence Shree Kailash Dhan Raksha Yantra protects from misfortune & hardships.
  • This yantra protects from malefic of all planets and negative influences.
  • It also helps fulfil wishes & desires and brings fortune.
  • It burns Sanchit Karmas and protects from thefts, accidents & sudden death.
  • Bestows immense wealth to the worshipper.