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Brahmatells Virgo Brass Locket: Kanya Rashi Yantra's Protective Essence

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Original price ₹599.00
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Brahmatells' Kanya Rashi Yantra Locket: Wearable Elegance with Virgo's Power

Experience the intersection of artistry and astrological might with our Virgo Yantra Locket.

Design & Essence: Showcasing the detailed Kanya Rashi Yantra on brass, this locket resonates with Virgo's energies, blending artisanal finesse with symbolic depth.

The Virgo Amulet's Allure:

  • Guardian Embrace: Designed to amplify Virgo's strengths, it serves as a protective charm against unwelcome energies.
  • Timeless Appeal: A nod to ancient symbolism, it's a versatile piece that complements various styles.

Styling Insights: Sport this Kanya Rashi Yantra Locket as your daily accessory, letting its energies harmonize with yours. Perfect as a standalone piece or paired with other jewelry, its charm is undeniable.

Disclaimer: While Brahmatells' Virgo Yantra Locket embodies astrological symbolism, it's foremost a fashion accessory. For specific benefits or health insights, always consult professionals.