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Kauri Jaap Mala for Spiritual Practices | Brahmatells Astrological Accessories

Original price ₹1,500.00 - Original price ₹1,500.00
Original price ₹1,500.00
₹1,500.00 - ₹1,500.00
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  • "Kauri Jaap Mala: Your Spiritual Companion from Brahmatells"


  • "Discover the serene beauty of the Kauri Jaap Mala, a cherished spiritual tool from Brahmatells. Each bead in this mala is carefully selected to enhance your meditation and spiritual practices. The Kauri Mala is revered for its smooth texture and comforting weight, making it an ideal companion for your daily mantra recitations and meditation sessions. Its natural composition resonates with a sense of grounding and tranquility, aiding in a deeper spiritual connection."

Key Features:

  • Natural Composition: Crafted from high-quality Kauri beads, known for their smooth texture and soothing properties.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for mantra chanting, meditation, or as a calming presence in your daily life.
  • Spiritual Connection: Enhances focus and aids in achieving a deeper meditative state.
  • Cultural Significance: Embodies the essence of traditional spiritual practices.

Usage and Care:

  • "Handle your Kauri Jaap Mala with care. Regularly cleanse it energetically to maintain its serene vibrations. Store it in a clean, sacred space when not in use."


  • "This product is intended for spiritual enrichment and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The benefits described are based on cultural beliefs and practices."