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Exciting Discounts🔥 Use Code BT15, BT20, BT30


Love & Spirit Guide Bracelet: Angelic & Ethereal Connection

Original price ₹32.40 - Original price ₹32.40
Original price ₹32.40
₹750.00 - ₹1,100.00
Current price ₹750.00

"Love & Spirit Guide Bracelet: Ethereal Connection & Angelic Insights"

Unlock the celestial realms with our Love & Spirit Guide Bracelet, a harmonious blend of Selenite and Angelite, designed to amplify spiritual connections and psychic insights.

Key Gemstone Attributes:

  • Selenite: Radiating moon-like luminosity, Selenite is a spiritual powerhouse, activating higher chakras, enhancing meditation, and connecting to spirit guides and ancient wisdom.
  • Angelite: A conduit for angelic energy, Angelite bolsters psychic power, spiritual strength, and mental tranquility. It's your touchstone for higher guidance and mental well-being.

Together, these gemstones create a spiritual symphony, making this bracelet not just an accessory but a transformative tool for love, peace, and divine guidance. Each bracelet is energetically cleansed and activated, ready to elevate your spiritual journey.