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Meru Shriparni Shri Yantra (Wood)

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  • Shree means Lakshmi (wealth) and so Shree Yantra is called as Lakshmi yantra also. It should be put in safe, office, locker or worship place. Crystal Shree Yantra used to help in career growth, name, fame.
  • It is believed a befitting gift for good luck these Shree yantras are supposed to bring life, cheer, and peace at the places where they are placed and reduce negativity etc.
  • It is believed that Goddess Laxmi is present in the Shriparni tree. The Shri (Shree) yantra made out of Shriparni wood gives prosperity. It keeps you wealthy & healthy.
  • Meru Sriparni (sevan or saven) Shri Yantra Beautifully Hand Carved Vastu Product for Home & Office. Made from High Auspicious sriparni wood ( Wood in Which Godess Lakshmi Ji Resides) happy, stable, prosperous & healthy life, progress in the Business
  • Meru Sriparni (sevan or saven) Shri Yantra Attractive Pure Shree/Shri Laxmi Yantra for Pooja, Good Luck, Success, Wealth, Health, Prosperity, Protection, Remove negative energy Home Office Decor Vastu Products item.