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Ombre Fire Agate Bracelet | Revitalize & Protect with Authentic Agate

Original price ₹25.20 - Original price ₹25.20
Original price ₹25.20
₹1,000.00 - ₹1,700.00
Current price ₹1,000.00

"Ombre Faceted Fire Agate Bracelet: Your Elixir of Youth & Guardian Shield"

Unveil the secret to ageless vitality with our Ombre Faceted Fire Agate Bracelet. Beyond its captivating appearance, this gem is a powerhouse of rejuvenating energies.

Key Attributes:

  • Elixir of Youth: Fire Agate, often dubbed the "stone of eternal youth," invigorates and revitalizes, enhancing digestion and addressing intimate dysfunctions.
  • Healing Touch: Renowned for its therapeutic properties, Fire Agate aids the central nervous system and offers relief for eye ailments.
  • Guardian Aura: Let Fire Agate be your protective talisman, casting a safeguarding aura around its bearer.

More than an accessory, this bracelet is a testament to holistic wellness, with each bead pulsating with Fire Agate's potent energies, ensuring continuous benefits.