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Exciting Discounts🔥 Use Code BT15, BT20, BT30


Red Coral capsule-rose-red-pendant BTRC124PSM

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₹4,750.00 - ₹81,800.00
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Red Coral or Moonga Stones are a rare and precious gemstone that provides benefits against planet Mars. Red coral belongs to mars and allows the wearer to overcome any obstacle befall them because of unfavorable mars position. Egyptian red corals are powerful and used for thousands of years. Success, better health and mental peace are just a step away for you after wearing a Red coral gemstone.

Red Coral Stone FAQ

What is the origin of the red coral stone?

This red coral stone is from Egypt. 

Which planet is associated with a red coral stone?

Red Coral stones are associated with Mars planet or Mangal.   

Who should wear Moonga stone?

Anyone who has a mangal Dasha or weak mars planet in their horoscope can wear the Moonga stone.

Which metal is ideal to wear with Red Coral stone?

The ideal metal to wear red coral stone is silver and gold. However, panch dhatu also provides a similar effect with Red coral stone.

In which finger to wear Red coral stone?

Always wear the red coral gemstone on the ring finger of your working hand. 

Which day and time is suitable for wearing Moonga Stone?

Moonga stone is connected with planet mars, that’s why we wear it on Tuesday in Shukla paksha.

What is the procedure to clean red coral stone?

Clean the red coral stone with cow’s milk and water Gangajal and then wear it.

What is the mantra for Red coral gemstone?

Chant Om Ang Angarkay Namha ( अं अंगारकाय नमः) 108 times before wearing Moonga stone.