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Protection and Shielding

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*Protection and shielding

Lama fera healing 

Shielding, protection, and clearing your energy are very important things to learn as part of your healing process. They are even more important when you identify as an empath or if you wish to treat others using energy healing. For those who are sensitive to energy or who work closely with energy, these form of energy hygiene need to become as routine as washing your hands and brushing your teeth.

Our first and primary focus in energy healing must be on our own energy field and its health and coherence. For many, particularly those sensitive to energy, it may be very difficult to fully heal our own energy field or maintain its coherence until we learn shielding and clearing. Making this a regular part of your routine can make a big difference in your healing and in your overall comfort level in the world, especially if you are an empath.

Some people in the spiritual community say that using shielding is lacking in compassion and is “unspiritual”. The belief is that we are all one and that to shield other people’s energy from freely mingling with your own is blocking in the sharing of that oneness, and is therefore unkind and may cut off your own spiritual growth. However, though we all come from the same Source, and are part of the same Oneness, we are also each individuals. Just as the cells within our own bodies each have their own individual walls, yet are part of the whole that is us. Our cells would cease to function and we would die if all of our cells dropped their walls. We need our boundaries to function well, and so do other people. We all have our own role to play in this larger Oneness. We don’t serve that role well by losing who we are in all the other stimuli and emotional energy that swarms around us every day.

We naturally pick up each other’s emotional states and see the moods and energies reflected in other people. Some people have heightened senses when it comes to this and other stimuli, such as sound, light, movement, touch and other things. Everyday life can become difficult for them, particularly when they don’t understand how to filter out the excess or create boundaries between them and the rest of the world. Energy shielding and energy cleansing are tools that can help with this a great deal.