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Protection With Money Abundance

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*Energized Abundance and Protection bracelet- Pyrite,Citrine, Tiger eye and Green Aventurine bracelet -used for abundance and many other things.*
*# Attracting infinite wealth and abundance*
*# Attracting success in terms of money*
*# Helps you in your career growth*
*# Heals all your money related problems*
*# Heals your bad money karma*
*# Heals your loans issues*
*# Helpful in attracting new opportunities in your life.*
*# Boosts your will power & confidence*
*# Used for self protection & safety*
*# Helps you in coming out of all problems by showing miraculous path by Angels & intuition*
*# Heals your stucked up matters and cases.*
*# If you are seeking job or career growth then its a must buy bracelet.*
*# Protects you against negativities and evil eye.*