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Rudra Abhishekam: Monthly Shivratri Rituals for Lord Shiva | Stellar Worship

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Celebrate Lord Shiva with Rudra Abhishekam on Monthly Shivratri Each Masik Shivratri provides a unique opportunity to delve into devotion, honoring Lord Shiva. Recognized for its profound spiritual resonance, the Rudra Abhishekam serves as a bridge between the earthly realm and divine blessings. Connect with the celestial rhythm of Lord Shiva's Tandava dance, celebrated monthly, and rejuvenate your spiritual core.

Mantra: || Om Namah Shivaye ||

Objective: Immerse in Lord Shiva's blessings and divine grace.

Puja Inclusions:

  • Comprehensive rituals including Kalash & Panchang Sthapana
  • Celebratory Pujans: 64 Yogini, Shetrapal, and more
  • A transformative Rudra Abhishek
  • Pranav Mantra Japa, 11,000 times
  • Final Aarti & Pushpanjali

Service Highlights:

  • Rituals led by 3 adept priests
  • Duration spans 1 day
  • Exclusive video insights: Sankalpa and mantras
  • Special Puja Tokri: prasad, Rudraksha, tabeez, and yantra