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Exciting Discounts🔥 Use Code BT15, BT20, BT30

Savar Naag Rudraksha

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Ruled by the Supreme Lord Shiva Himself, this auspicious twin bead Rudraksha which is very rarely found and is characterized by two naturally joined Rudraksha beads with one of the beads being the one mukhi Rudraksha is known as the Savar Rudraksha. This naturally occurring Rudraksha bead is one of the most divine gifts from Nature to humankind. The Savar Rudraksha beads are incredibly powerful. The existence of the holy one mukhi Rudraksha in shape of the trunk makes the Savar Naag Rudraksha auspicious and divine. The Savar Rudraksha beads are not found easily and it is believed that these divine beads are produced once in many years which make these beads more auspicious and precious.


The Savar Rudraksh bead has divine vibrations that offer a range of benefits to the wearer. Some of these benefits are listed below
It blesses the wearer with harmony,
Offers spiritual attainments and helps establish divine connection with the consciousness.
The Savar Rudraksha helps promote cordial relationship between family members
It benefits the wearer in financial matters and property dealings.
It also attracts prosperity
It brings good luck and elevates the consciousness.
This divine Rudraksha bead offers universal appeal
It brings success in all undertakings.
Elevates pain and liberates one from sufferings
Offers good health
Wards off negativity and attracts positivity
Gives rest to wavering mind and makes one calm
Ruling Deity: Lord Shiva
Savar Rudraksha Ruling Planet: Venus
Savar Rudraksha Mantra: || "Om Namah Shivaye”||