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Are you feeling negative energies around you?

Do you feel some one has done something on you?

Do you feel that you have constant health issues without any reason?

Do you feel that you are not growing in your life?

Do you feel depress and sad all the time?

Do you feel horrified during night?

Are you facing some phobia or fear of loneliness in life?

If the answer of any of the questions above is YES then you need to speak to US.


We have solution to all your problems thru scientific Vastu instruments


With the help of scientific methods and instruments we can check your current positivity and aura. All we need is just your picture to check the aura of person is positive or not.

Sometimes due to our wrong habits or negative thoughts, our body’s Positivity starts deteriorating and negativity increases manifolds.

If the person is depressed, low in energy we provide the energy yantra’s to boost their energy.

In case the person has negative /evil energies on him which is impacting the growth in life or giving constant health issues we provide special yantras to cure the same.


We not only check the energies of a person, but also the energies of home, Factory, Office and any Plot. All we need is just a photograph of the place.  We can guide you regarding the directions of the office, areas of low and high energies in Factories, office , home etc. and how to Cure that.

There are 4 types of Negative energies :

-Bandhan Energy: People who feel that they were captured by some negative energies, someone have done something wrong with them. We can check that and can treat that person as well. We not only check these negative energies but we provide remedies as well


-Pischah Energy : This is special type of negative energy where the person by mistake get into some negative energies. Who disturb them all the time and don’t allow them to grow in life, or these people fall sick most of the time, they don’t get growth in life, they feel very depressed, sad or sometimes they feel things are not going as per the plan. We not only check these negative energies but we provide remedies as well


-Infra Energy : If you feel you have fear in life and that fear increase many folds during night and you feel very depressed and horrified during night. You definitely check your negative IR to be checked through Vastu scanner.

-Ultra Energy : If you are facing some phobia or fear of loneliness, or don’t want to live alone?

Check your negative energies.  You definitely check your negative UV to be checked through Vastu scanner.

Requirements : Passport size photograph of the person/place for the scanning