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🌟 Add to Cart to Unlock Massive Discounts—Shop Now! 🌟


Sell & Buy Property

Original price ₹15,000.00 - Original price ₹15,000.00
Original price
₹15,000.00 - ₹15,000.00
Current price ₹15,000.00

*sell and buy property*

Reiki to help us during the time of purchasing real estate, we will find that everything falls into place much more successfully and smoothly. When buying real estate, remember to call upon Reiki in the following manner:

Call upon Reiki to send you the perfect real estate agent to work with. Send the Reiki symbols out into the Universe to bring you the best professional to work with, for the highest good of all concerned. This will be a great starting point, as the best agent will bring you the best deal in an enjoyable and professional manner.

If you have a particular piece of real estate in mind, print out the listing photo and place upon your Reiki altar, after you have inscribed the Reiki symbols on the photo. Every time you pass your altar area, send all of the symbols to the property. You will find that Reiki will draw it to you in the perfect way. If the property is not meant for you, the Reiki will bring this realization into your consciousness quickly, so you do not waste time and emotions on something that is not meant for you.

Every day during your daily self Reiki, send all of the symbols out into the Universe to bring the perfect property at the perfect price into your life. This always works so well for myself and my clients. I have seen properties fall into client’s laps in the perfect way very quickly after they begin this practice. Try it and see!